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Date: 22nd November 2013
What Is Coolsculpting And How It Can Help In Weight Loss

Your hectic lifestyle and junk foods have contributed to excessive belly fat. However, now you desire to look slim and trim. Though you tried hard to reduce the fat by diets and exercise, the results have not been positive. If you can relate to any or all of the three problems stated here, then you can always opt for non-surgical liposuction alternatives, which are considered faster and easier solutions as compared to invasive surgery. One such non-invasive method of liposuction is - Coolsculpting. Let us find what is coolsculpting. 

What is coolsculpting

It is a patented procedure that targets the stubborn fat cells that are difficult to get rid of using different diet, exercise and other methods. It uses a cooling process wherein fat cells under the skin are killed or destroyed. Thus, the fat cells are frozen and your healthy skin remains unaffected by it.

Why is coolsculpting a preferred liposuction type?

As mentioned above, Coolsculpting is a non-surgical way to get rid of stubborn fat. This cosmetic surgery is gaining popularity among clients and is considered as non-surgical liposuction alternative owing to various reasons.

For instance, it is one of the preferred liposuction alternatives for the people who are not looking to lose huge fat amounts in their body but want to remove excess of it from specific parts of their body. Just one coolsculpting session removes unwanted body fat by 25%. In comparison, liposuction is more invasive and removes the fat up to 90%. Moreover, coolsculpting takes very little time for the treatment (one hour approx).

Medical procedures for weight loss can be immensely expensive but coolsculpting is not. This is why it is gaining even more popularity.

In Conclusion

These were some of the pointers, which I hope gave you a better idea about what is coolsculpting and what makes it one of the best liposuction alternatives. Do share your feedback about the same through your comments.

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